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Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for being an integral part of the New Day Employment Network’s Healing Illinois Grant Campaign. Your support has played a significant role in making this campaign a resounding success. As we embrace this new year, let’s reflect on the remarkable achievements of NDEN and the meaningful discussions we’ve had:

Empowering Conversations: NDEN organized 10 enlightening discussion forums addressing racial inequities, implicit social biases, and strategies to overcome racism-induced barriers. These conversations have been essential in promoting understanding and progress.

Fathers Against Racism: We delved into the tough conversations fathers must have with their sons about racism, shedding light on the emotional and psychological toll of systemic racism on our health.

Community Engagement: NDEN spearheaded initiatives like the virtual walk to combat stress, a mural commemorating MLK Day, and a COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting to disseminate accurate information about COVID-19 vaccinations. Your active participation and engagement have made these events immensely successful.

Incredible Community Response: The NDEN community has come together to share their experiences and ideas. Our videos have reached over 5,000 views on social media platforms, with our audience continually growing.

Inspiring Change: I hope these discussions have ignited a spark within you to stand up and continue these vital dialogues. Your involvement is crucial in shaping a more inclusive and equitable society.

As we move forward, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to NDEN’s mission.


Pamela Fort Founder and Executive Director

How Racism Makes Us Sick: Unveiling the Health Panel

We are thrilled to present the Health Panel as part of the #HealingIllinois Grant, hosted by my new non-profit, New Day Employment Network. To delve deeper into this topic, please explore the links mentioned at the end of our discussion.

Virtual Walk Cartoon Video: Join Us on 1/2/21

Experience our informative cartoon video highlighting the #HealingIllinois Virtual Walk. There are still open spots for the Virtual Walk Event on January 2, 2021. We invite you to be part of this meaningful event.

Virtual Walkers Interactive Chat: Celebrating Success Together

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our walkers and Zoom participants for their outstanding contributions. Over 25 walkers joined us for the event, and many stayed for a post-walk Zoom chat and rejuvenating yoga breathwork session. This walk aimed to shed light on the impact of stress caused by racism within our community and how exercise can alleviate it. Enjoy this video capturing our Zoom participants and the soothing breathwork session at the end.

MLK Sip & Paint Day: A Creative Celebration

We extend our gratitude to all who participated in our MLK Day Celebration! This event brought families together, using art, music, and community engagement to educate children about the legacy of MLK. The highlight was an incredible mural that showcased the talents of all participants. Special thanks go to the Special Needs Adults from a community agency who contributed to our mural artwork.

Children’s Multicultural Community Mural: Amplifying Youth Voices

Youth voices are often overlooked in discussions surrounding social justice. “Their Voice Counts” – NDEN partnered with youth from various social service agencies to create a powerful mural expressing their perspectives. This snippet from our conversation with some of the youth highlights their use of art to convey their feelings and experiences.

Implicit Bias: Challenging Our Perceptions

We urge our Facebook family to review these videos on Implicit Biases. While these conversations can be challenging, they are essential. NDEN’s goal is to encourage you to watch these videos and initiate honest conversations with others, pushing you beyond your comfort zone to confront your biases.

Breaking Barriers Dialogue: Authentic Conversations

NDEN recently concluded our Breaking Barriers Dialogue, a courageous and authentic discussion. We commend our panelists and coordinators for their openness and vulnerability in addressing uncomfortable topics. Conversations like these, outside our comfort zones, are crucial for growth and change.

Boyz II Men / The Talk: Shaping Future Generations

Discover how fathers influence their sons’ perceptions of masculinity and challenge stereotypes. Hear from young individuals about the lessons they’ve learned from their fathers and how they are working to dismantle racial oppression by educating their children about the realities of the world and inspiring change.

COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Navigating the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout unfolds, questions about distribution, supply, hesitancy, and efficacy persist. Join our Forum as we address common vaccine myths and COVID-19 challenges in Will County, particularly Joliet. We aim to foster community discussion and promote trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.

For more information on COVID-19, including vaccine sign-up, visit the Will County Health Department’s COVID-19 page. Seniors needing assistance with paperwork can contact Senior Services Center at 815.723.9713 for support.

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