Empowering Voices: The Speak Up And Vote Initiative

Speak up and vote

Every Voice Counts: Voting Behind Bars

In the vast tapestry of democracy, every thread matters, every hue contributes to the larger picture. At New Day Employment Network (NDEN), under the guiding light of our founder Pamela Fort, we firmly believe that every individual, irrespective of their current circumstances, deserves the right to exercise their democratic freedoms. Through our relentless efforts, we aim to bridge the gaps that exist, ensuring that even the marginalized get an equal say in shaping the future of our community.

An Unprecedented Initiative: In-Jail Voting

April 4th, 2023, marked a transformative chapter in the annals of Will County’s democratic participation. The walls of the Will County Detention Center, which typically signify confinement, became the backdrop for an inspiring assertion of rights and freedom. As part of our “In-Jail Voting” campaign, we introduced in-person voting sessions for those incarcerated, ensuring that their voices echoed beyond the walls, reaching the heart of our democratic processes.

Making History Together

While the clock hands moved in their usual rhythm, the day was anything but ordinary. Twenty-five souls, disconnected from the democratic world due to their incarceration, decided to reforge their connection. By registering to vote, they not only reaffirmed their rights but also reignited the hope and belief in a system that promises equality and justice for all. Their actions serve as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of humanity and the belief in a brighter tomorrow.

Details Matter

As we bask in the success of our initiative and plan for the future, we also understand the importance of details. Ensuring accuracy in every step of our journey is crucial. On that note, we’d like to highlight that the weekday operational hours for related county activities stand at 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. This slight shift from the previously mentioned 5 PM ensures that everyone aligns their schedules accordingly, facilitating a smooth and efficient process.

Join the Movement

The waves of change generated by the in-jail voting initiative are just the beginning. Our commitment to amplifying every voice is unwavering. We continue our voter registration drive at the Will County Detention Center, and for the broader community, we’re championing early voting opportunities available at the County Building. We invite everyone, from every walk of life, to be a part of this transformative journey

A Heartfelt Thanks

As we reflect on the milestones achieved, our hearts swell with gratitude. The success of this initiative was a collective effort. From the tireless staff at the Will County Detention Center to each participant who made their voice heard, every individual was a cornerstone of this initiative. Our broader community, with its undying faith in change and the essence of inclusivity, has been our constant support. Together, we’ve achieved more than just a voting drive; we’ve sown the seeds for a more inclusive, compassionate, and democratic society. Kudos to all, and here’s to many more successes

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