Empowering New Beginnings

Supporting individuals with challenging backgrounds to achieve employment, self-sufficiency, and community inclusion

Our Mission

Helping individuals with challenged backgrounds gain employment for a brighter future.

Our Approach

Comprehensive support for returning citizens and under-employed individuals in Will County, IL.

Our Founder

Pamela Fort - A passionate advocate for second chances, empowering change and community transformation.

About Us

We Are Hope

The heartbeat of community resurgence in Will County. Born from local roots, we stand as a beacon for those seeking meaningful employment and a fresh start, no matter their past.


Our Projects

NDEN Initiatives


Empowering Employment

Work Readiness

Our multi-week program, tailored for returning citizens, emphasizes life skills and job preparedness, paving the way for sustained employment.

record expungement

Clearing Paths Forward

Record Expungement

We assist qualified individuals in sealing or expunging criminal records, allowing them to overcome past obstacles and step into their futures with renewed confidence and hope.

drivers license reinstatement

Driving Opportunities

License Reinstatement

Recognizing the importance of a driver’s license in securing employment, we hold events in Will County, assisting individuals in reclaiming their driving privileges.

Our Causes

We Need Your Help and Care

Our Campaigns

Driving Progress

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Moments of Impact

Every snapshot echoes NDEN's unwavering dedication to community transformation. Together, we envision a brighter, inclusive future.

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Our Team

Board Members

Michael Vollmer

30 years sober, ministry leader, encourager, and prayer advocate

Donna Flowers

Donna Flowers

Tech veteran, educator, and mentor for youth success

Tamara Smith

Tamara D. Smith

Former juvenile court officer, leader, community builder, and arts enthusiast

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